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Living with Renal Failure – Why I started this blog?

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If you are reading this then you may well be curious about why I started this blog and also who the hell is this guy?! I started this blog because I have been living with Renal failure for about 15 years now and throughout this time I have kept the majority of problems and thoughts that I have experienced to myself. I have always felt though at the back of my mind that it would have been super useful if there was a place on the internet I could go where I could read about people who are going through the same thing as me. As I have searched through the internet I haven’t found exactly what I was looking for so I decided to do it myself! This whole blog will be about my experiences with all things related to Kidney Failure, Dialysis, Kidney Transplants and whatever else I can think of.

This whole blog will be about my experiences with all things related to Renal Failure, Dialysis, Kidney Transplants and whatever else I can think of.

If you would like to know a little bit about me please read on… My name is Adam and I am (at the time of this publishing) just turned 35 years old. I was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure in December 2002 and was put straight onto Dialysis. At the pinnacle of my illness I had creatine levels of around 1400! To anyone who knows anything about the function of kidneys you would realise that this is crazy high and as you can imagine I wasn’t feeling all that hot! Serious issues with energy levels, feeling and being sick, weird things happening with feelings in my brain, anemia, generally just looking like poo! Anyway, the Hemodialysis they put me on soon sorted me out and after a quick operation I was put onto peritoneal dialysis. I was on this for four months or so where I had to do exchanges of dialysis fluid four times a day. Honestly this four months went by quicker than a flash so I don’t really recall too much about it and then on the 10th April 2003 I was given one of my father’s kidneys. To make a long story short everything worked out beautifully. 10 years later I was married and had a little boy and another on its way. However the kidney then started to fail… I think a combination of the age of the transplant but also I was quite stressed and this stress just wasn’t good for me. I regret how stressed I was (it was mainly due to work and having two small children) but I guess its one of those things that you learn to deal with as you get older.
In the beginning of 2017 my kidney failed and I was again put on dialysis. I was super scared of going on dialysis again but in hindsight it was the best thing I could have done. As my kidney reached its decline I had about 14 kilograms of excess fluid on my body! Bear in mind that I weigh around 53kgs (yes a lightweight indeed!) you can imagine how hard it was just to get around. The dialysis soon sorted this out and since I have been on peritoneal dialysis I have been feeling great! I am running again, cycling, walking loads and being an active father of 3 boys! I still can’t believe how good I feel but I will share my secrets along the way on this blog.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Be happy!


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