Machine reliance - I trust the Baxter Cycler Machine with my life

Relying on a machine to survive

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I have to say its all a little bizarre relying on a machine to survive but that is essentially what I do. When I was 20 years old my kidneys completely failed me and from that moment on the direction of my life was changed forever. For four months or so I was solely reliant on external means to filter out the waste from my body. I was super fortunate to receive a kidney transplant for the next 14 years or so but then it failed due to numerous circumstances and now (at the present time of writing this) I am reliant on a machine in order to survive.

Now this might sound a little drastic when you first read it and you may even feel a slither of sympathy for me but I would like you to ponder for a second and I will try to convince you that it really isn’t that bad… in fact I have never been so stress free in my life. Please read on to see the reasons why:


You can trust a machine

This may sound a little weird at first but my reasoning behind this is a machine has been programmed. A program (in machine terms) is a set of instructions laid out in a logical order. The machine has no opinion when it comes to following this program or set of instructions. It merely goes through the instructions in the order presented to it and executes. When your life is in the hands of a human all sorts of things can go wrong! For example they make a human error and end up injecting you with some radioactive material instead of a flu shot – it could happen! A machine would never make such a mistake. A machine you can trust!

The machine has no opinion when it comes to following this program or set of instructions.


A machine won’t walk out on you

I use the cycler machine from Baxter for my Peritoneal Dialysis treatment and I trust it with my life. I wake up in the morning, go about my daily life and then come home in the evening knowing that my trusty Cycler machine will still be there. I know that my Cycler machine won’t have a huff about not getting enough attention and walk out. He will always be by my side (as long as I am on peritoneal dialysis that is) and will perform his function carefully and dutifully every night.


There are no hidden secrets with a machine

When it comes to machines, once you understand its function you know you aren’t going to be in for any surprises. I am sure there are exceptions to this but generally (in like 99.9%) of the times a machine isn’t hiding any secrets from you. When it comes to trusting a machine with your life this is very important. You don’t want to find yourself attached to a machine performing life saving functionality when it suddenly turns round and tells you it wants to be a human and no longer wants to be a machine. Maybe this will happen one day but thankfully we haven’t reached that point yet in machine evolution.

So in my opinion all of these are pretty good reasons why you can rely on a machine even with your life. I know there have been quite a few movies in the recent past depicting machines turning against humans (I, Robot to name one ) but currently in the reality we live in machines are much MUCH more of an advantage than anything to be feared. I for one welcome the continual use and advance of all machines as I think with improved coding practices and improved technology the possibilities of machines are endless.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Adam D

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